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Alvin Yong Ben Wong Chew Seow Phuang Daphne Pok Yu Mei
Eddie Goh Graham Hay Greg Crowe
Mona Malhotra    


Alvin YongAlvin Yong

The fluidity of clay in manifesting ideas into forms fascinates Alvin. His works are mainly artistic experimentation in clean line, unconventional contours and creative glaze effects. His preferred design style in pottery is that of the "loose" concept. Alvin loves to experiment with creation of new fusion art forms and he pioneered the Stone Mosaic in 2013.

Alvin is the co-founder of Clay-Street.com.

Black Kiss by Alvin Yong
Black Kiss (2002)
Remembrance of the Late LKY by Alvin Yong
Remembrance of the late LKY (stone mosaic, 2015)
Prosperity Bull by Alvin Yong
Prosperity Bull (commissioned work, 2012)
Mangere Gold by Alvin Yong
Mangere Gold (2004)

Ben WongBen Wong

Ben is visually impaired and a potter with Clay-Street. He started learning pottery in 2009 from Alvin Yong and Chew Seow Phuang under the Project Clay IN-SIGHT initiative that was sponsored by Clay-Street. Ben went on to specialise in creating meaningful hand sculptures that tell a story.

In 2013, Ben was commissioned by Mr Francis Wong, the chairman of W Optics, to create 2 art pieces for his flagship store in Suntec City.

Thankfulness by Ben Wong
Thankfulness (2014)
RayBan Reflection by Ben Wong
RayBan Reflection (2013)
Chill by Ben Wong
Chill (2014)
Gratitude by Ben Wong
Gratitude (2013)

Chew Seow PhuangChew Seow Phuang

I'm a ceramic artist whose primary medium is clay. I feel that it is the responsibility of an artist to be making a statement through their art whether it is about the use of form, texture or colour. I attempt to show that things are not necessarily as they seem on the surface or as we expect them to be.

Clay is the most fascinating and seductive medium for expression. Expression can give the work a feeling of energy, commitment and relevance. I convey emotion by the forms and surfaces that have been handled.

Seow Phuang is the co-founder of Clay-Street.com.

Echo of Love by Chew Seow Phuang
Echo of Love
Yum Seng by Chew Seow Phuang
Yum Seng
Tea Pot XXX by Chew Seow Phuang
Tea Pot XXX
Summer Breeze by Chew Seow Phuang
Summer Breeze

Daphne Pok Yu MeiDaphne Pok Yu Mei

I first discovered my love of pottery in Hong Kong 2002 and have grown even more fascinated with its ability to soothe and inspire the heart and mind at the same time. Originally trained as an architect, I enjoy the slow but spontaneous and thoughtful process of hand-building vessels and sculpted figures. Guided and driven mostly by instinct and the intrigue of form making, my hand-building starts with a seed of an idea and then develops an identity as I work through it, making aesthetic judgements at every stage. This process allows me to have a dialogue with the clay and know its strengths, weaknesses and inherent beauty. Inspiration comes from the ultimate Creator of nature, textures, shapes and forms that are organic and speak to our visual and tactile senses. I am an advocate for clay as a medium in art therapy, education and crossing boundaries in language and culture.

Lady in Red (2020) by Daphne Pok
Lady in Red (2020)
Be Still (2020) by Daphne Pok
Be Still (2020)
Basking in Peace (2020) by Daphne Pok
Basking in Peace (commissioned work, 2020)
All Things Come Together for the Good (2020) by Daphne Pok
All Things Come Together for the Good (2020)

Eddie GohEddie Goh

Eddie Goh embarked on his journey with ceramics in the year 2000. He developed his unusual style through years of sketching and working with fabric, paper, wood and metal.

His ceramic work is characterized by an almost fragile sensibility to the forms of nature, an emphatically anti-geometric aesthetic, attention to details as well as the imaginatively use of unusual combination of material. It is an eloquent expression of his affection for ceramic and arts.


Light of Light by Eddie Goh
Light of Light (Porcelain)
Red Earth
Red Earth (Stoneware)
Seed by Eddie Goh
Seed (stoneware)
Arise the Phoenix by Eddie Goh
Arise the Phoenix (White Raku / Wool)

Graham HayGraham Hay

I have borrowed imagery from architecture and nature in my attempts to suggest the cycles, rigidities and dynamic nature of creativity and movement in our society, and within myself.

My art practise is based upon two simple things - Paper and clay. I create and fire paperclay sculptures, and carve compressed paper sculptures.

Since 1993 I have exhibited and given workshops on paperclay. The growing interest in my work has enabled me to learn how the arts and crafts are organised in society. The ceramic paperclay work is an attempt to illustrate this organisation of the arts and crafts.

Caught by Graham Hay
Caught (Handmade Herend Porcelain paperclay)
Net III  by Graham Hay
Net III (Ceramic Earthenware & Terracotta Paperclay )
Paper Over  by Graham Hay
Paper Over (Paperclay, stock images books, steel )
Extreme by Graham Hay
Extreme (Ceramic stoneware paperclay)

Greg CroweGreg Crowe

My current salt-glazed work concentrates on clay bodies and slips developed from locally dug materials. I am fascinated by the colour responses in areas protected or shielded from full exposure to the salt vapours.

Highly respected for his wheel-throwing skill and woofiring effects, Greg's vessels explore the textural boundaries of the clay body. Stretched and torn, roughly marked surfaces are enhanced by their salt-glazed veners, in varying degrees of transluceny, and in a range of diverse colour. Greg is the lecturer for ceramics at the West Coast College of TAFE, Carine Campus in Western Australia.


Storm by Greg Crowe
Looseness by Greg Crowe
Majesty by Greg Crowe
Solar Grace by Greg Crowe
Solar Grace

Mona MalhotraMona Malhotra

Hailing from India, the impact of cultural diversity has always acted as a seedling to my thoughts and i try to find resamblances in different cultures. Thus, amalgamating my creations with my travel experiences. Beginning my journey with clay in 2009 i have explored and incorporàted those beliefs in my work. I take pleasure in depicting the intricacies and the pleasant outcomes of the complexity in everyday's life through the crudity of clay transforming into an exquisite masterpiece.The connection from EARTH to CLAY to MANKIND amuses me to bring out my forms and connect to them. I get inspired by the balance in nature choreographed by mother earth in the various forms of existence and their connection to each other.


Call of the Sea by Mona Malhotra
Padma Kumbh by Mona Malhotra
Raw Jade
Tribal Tales #1 by Mona Malhotra
The Warli Teapot Set
Tribal Tales #2 by Mona Malhotra