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5-6 Dec 2009: Clay IN-SIGHT Exhibition @ VivoCity Singapore

After many months of preparation, we finally realized the dream of holding a first-of-its-kind ceramic art exhibition that showcased co-creations by the VI Potters and the Volunteers. This exhibition was held on 5 & 6 Dec at the PaTH Market @ Vivocity. Thanks to the generous support provided by the Social Innovation Park, which organizes the PaTH Market.

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20 Oct 2009: Clay Lesson #6

This clay session was particularly productive. We announced the confirmation of our impending clay exhibition on 5 & 6 Dec at PaTH Market @ Vivocity. Everyone was excited as we gear up for the exhibition. We shall squeeze in a few more sessions over the coming 2 months.

Next lesson will be on 3 Nov 2009, 11am-1pm.

Rickshaw by VIP Jimmy Tan Water Drop by VIP Steven Yeo
See TaiChoon Chin Wendy Kee Tong Rosie Keng Chye Ting Yin

26 Sep 2009: Volunteers' Playtime

Volunteers enjoyed an afternoon of fun and interaction at the Clay-Street Pottery Studio. Alvin introduced the basics of paperclay and everyone had a great time creating an individual paperclay art piece.

Next lesson will be on 20 Oct 2009, 11am-1pm.

Volunteers at Clay-Street TC Kok
Rosaline Hong
Yeoh Chee Mei
Chua Mei Lan
Regina Goh

23 Sep 2009: Clay IN-SIGHT @ NIE

The NIE teacher-trainee volunteers invited Ben and Daisy to participate in the NIE Service Learning Day Exhibition. Numerous volunteers came by to help share our initiative with other teachers-to-be. The Guest-of-Honour and MP Penny Low came by and interacted with Ben and Daisy. She also kindly extended an invitation to us to participate in the Global Social Innovators Forum 2009 (1-3 Oct 09) to showcase the VI's talents.

Ben & Daisy at NIE VH's creations
Daisy at work
Alvin sharing Clay IN-SIGHT with Penny Low
Ben sharing with a teacher trainee
Penny Low chatting with Ben and Daisy

18 August 2009: Clay Lesson #4

VIs and Volunteers alike are excited to realize our collective dream - the year end clay exhibition. We continued to build on the blueprints created at the last session. In this session, every VI designed and created a name plate for use at the impending exhibition. In the process, VIs and Volunteers learnt about paperclay dry-dry and dry-wet joining technique.

Next lesson will be on 15 Sep 2009, 11am-1pm.

TC helping VH Ben Jimmy's name plate in the making
Lei Choo with VH Kee Tong
Name in braille format
Kee Tong's name plate

21 July 2009: Clay Lesson #3

During this session, we did a Inner-Visualization exercise to work towards the year end clay exhibition. Volunteers helped the VIs to translate their inner vision onto paper as a blueprint for their clay artworks to be created over the next few months. The VIs also enjoyed their glazed and fired art pieces.

Next lesson will be on 18 Aug 2009, 11am-1pm.

Sin Chye helping with the visualization exercise A blueprint for the next few months
Daisy and her artwork
Work-in-progress by VH Ruth
Another lovely piece of art by VH Steven
Work-in-progress by VH Rosie

2 Jul 2009: Clay IN-SIGHT on TV!

Suria Channel Producer Ms Hayati discovered our initiative on this very website a week ago and asked to feature VI Clay Artists in JUS, an info-ed TV show on Suria Channel on 13 July 2009 at 8.30pm-9.30pm. We all had plenty of fun and laughters doing the filming at SAVH, supported by volunteers Jane, Lian Hong, Swati and Theingi. No NG at all!

Next session: Tue 21 July 09 11am-1pm

Steven being filmed Daisy showing her clay skills

13 July 2009: VI Clay Artistes Featured on JUS! TV Show on Suria Channel

Special thanks to:

  • Suria Channel, Mediacorps
  • SAVH: Mr Leow, Fauziah
  • VI clay artistes: Benjamin, Jimmy, Daisy, Steven
  • Volunteers: Theingi, Jane, Lian Hong, Swati

22 Jun 2009: NIE-Volunteers Special Part B

Both the VIs and the teacher trainees from NIE were happy to receive the glazed fired clay artworks. At this session, the VIs created clay bowls, guided and assisted by the volunteers. We wish the newly graduated teachers would bring their spirit of volunteerism to their students as they begin their exciting teaching careers in the new school term.

Next lesson will be on 21 July 2009, 11am-1pm.

Iskandar and his artwork VH and volunteers
Jimmy and his clay elephant
Bernard, James, Mr Leow and Jane
Busy clay workshop
My proud clay creation

15 Jun 2009: Clay Lesson #2

The VIs were extremely elated to receive the glazed and fired mugs that they created in their first lesson. In this lesson, the VIs enjoyed creating a clay bowl of their own from a bowl. Thanks once again to the team of caring and high spirited volunteers. Flo baked delicious cakes and Jyothy brought biscuits to share.

Next lesson will be on 21 July 2009, 11am-1pm.

Working together creatively Kie Tong and Madhuri
Volunteer Jyothy
Fine details to the eyes...
Clay bowl created by the VH
Volunteer Felicia

1 Jun 2009: NIE-Volunteers Special Part A

Thanks to a graduating class of 18 trainee-teachers from NIE, ten independent VIs who heard about Clay IN-SIGHT got to enjoy their first lesson in clay art. This is a 2-part specially arranged clay lesson.

Next lesson will be on 22 June 2009, 2pm-4pm.

Working together creatively Co-creating art
VHs and volunteers
Jimmy was completely blind
Happy chats and warm friendship

18 May 2009: Clay Lesson #1

In this first lesson, the VIs learnt how to create a cylindrical mug by coiling round a bottle. Every VI was accompanied and guided by one volunteer. Everyone had plenty of fun.

Next lesson will be on 15 June 2009, 11pm-1pm.

Partnership in clay Partnership in clay
VHs and volunteers
Partnership in clay
Partnership in clay

13 Apr 2009: Introduction to Clay

30 VIs participated in this introductory workshop to experience clay moulding. Thanks to the 20 volunteers who kindly came forward to make this experience possible and positive.

Intro to clay art by Alvin Partnership in clay
Clay-Street volunteers and VHs
Partnership in clay

12 Apr 2009: Preparatory Workshop for Volunteers at Clay-Street Pottery Studio

To prepare the volunteers, Alvin conducted a briefing cum hands-on practice for the volunteers on moulding with clay and working with the Visually Impaired.

Alvin briefing the volunteers Volunteers getting their fingers clayey


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