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Drink Towards a Greener Earth

6.30pm 21 April 2010 . Millenia Walk, Singapore

21-25 April 2010 . Millenia Walk, Singapore


We invite you and your company to place orders for our uniquely designed Greener Earth Mugs and support the Visually Impaired Potters to make a difference to your drinking pleasure and to aid in the healing of Mother Earth.

Click for 2010 Greener Earth Mug Catalog and order your Greener Earth Mugs NOW!


Would you support using less paper, plastic and polystyrene foam cups in your workplace? It may take everyone a little extra effort cleaning washable mugs but it’ll go a long way towards healing Mother Earth…

Earth MugWould you consider using ceramic mugs made from the humble earth in place of use-and-throw disposable ware at your office pantry, when serving your clients, and during company meetings and functions?

Singapore’s pioneer batch of Visually Impaired Clay Potters has an inner Green vision to express, a passion to connect with the mainstream society and a desire to be self-reliant and earn a respectable livelihood through their artistic talents and pottery skills. Would you support them?

DRINK TOWARDS A GREENER EARTH is a social initiative that allows you to support the Green Movement and the Visually Impaired. Come visit our first ever exhibition showcasing specially designed GREENER EARTH MUGS that are handcrafted by our Visually Impaired Potters and Volunteers. No two mugs will ever be alike as each is individually created from the heart through the hands without the usual sense of sight. Pick the designs you fancy and place an order with us. Your orders will provide a meaningful, income-generating job for them.

Co-creationWe have about 20 Visually Impaired Potters, supported by about two dozen of Volunteers (we called them Angels). We hold monthly pottery sessions at the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH). Click here to see how we learn and play together in co-creating Greener Earth Mugs and all sorts of clay artwork.

This social enterprise project is powered by Clay IN-SIGHT Volunteers in collaboration with the SAVH.

If your company or organization is keen to support this social initiative, click here to order some handmade mugs.

If you are keen to join us as a volunteer, contact Angel Swati (91876762) or Angel Kim (97315491).


21-25 Apr 2010: Drink Towards a Greener Earth Exhibition at Millenia Walk Singapore

It was a most enjoyable and memorable exhibition involving all VIPs, Angels as well as SAVH staff. Thanks to Ms Denise Phua for gracing the opening ceremony as our guest-of-honor and thanks to all our sponsors and supporters. Thanks also all kind hearted buyers of our Greener Earth Mugs. At 6.30pm on the last day of our exhibition, we celebrated with a yell as the mug orders shot pass our target of $10,000. Hooray!

Our proud exhibits Exhibition space at Millenia Walk
Greener Earth mugs everywhereGuest-of-Honor Ms Denise Phua
Denise Phua, Steven Ng, Tan Guan Heng, Judy Lim and Alvin Yong
Mr Leow in actionVIP Steven Yeo performed for all on opening night
Angel Jenny chatting with VIP Rosie Sold, sold, sold by the first evening
VIP Kee Tong, Tan CC, Keng Chye and Ting YingStudents appreciating our artworks
Angel Madhuri selling mugs VIP Steven and his supporters: Veronica and Fiona
Angels Janice and Mei LanVisitors greeting VIP Carolyn
Sold, sold Angels on duty
Jo and Jin and daughtersVIP Wee Lip in action
Quansheng cho-cho train the VIPs for a walk VIP Flo with heart kinded buyers
More kind hearted supportersVIP Junaidah and Carolyn greeting visitors
VIP See Tai and Elaine greeting supporters Angel Alvin explaining the co-creation process
Happy Angels
Angels Theingi and Flo doing the final tally Our mug orders crossed $10,000 on last evening!

HISTORY: It all began with Clay IN-SIGHT...

Since May 2009, a group of Visually Impaired (VI) from the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) has embarked on learning pottery skills that enable them to manifest their inner visions into physical reality through the use of clay medium.

Supported by volunteers, the VI potters enjoy the clay art tremendously and are working towards a first of its kind Clay IN-SIGHT Exhibition in December 2009. Beyond the exhibition and going into 2010, the VI potters aspire to contribute towards the Green Initiatives by putting their pottery skills into good use. DRINK TOWARDS A GREENER EARTH is the social venture that will allow the VI to apply their pottery talents, promote eco-friendly initiatives to the larger society (thus integrating into the mainstream) and earn an independent and purposeful living based on their own ability.

GSIF 2009DRINK TOWARDS A GREENER EARTH was introduced at the Global Social Innovators Forum held at the Fusionopolis on 1-3 Oct 2009. Thanks to Ms Penny Low, Founder & President of Social Innovation Park, who organized the GSIF '09, who presented us with the PaTH Market platform at the Fusionopolis atrium to showcase our cause and connect with many of the delegates as well as the office crowd there. Thanks also to the many volunteers who so readily offered their time and presence at the exhibition booth to communicate our idea to anyone who walked within 3 metres radius. Also, we appreciate the presence of our Visually Impaired Potters - Daisy, Jimmy, Ben, Elaine, See Tai and Rosie.
Swati and TC in action
Margaret in action
Bernard Kweh in action
Volunteers Swati and TC Kok in action.
SAVH staff Margaret selling our idea.

Volunteer Bernard Kweh in action.


Daisy, TC and Jimmy
Anne, Ben and Shuganthi
Steven potting away
VIP Daisy and Jimmy demo their skills.

Volunteers Anne and Shuganthi assisted VIP Ben in making his first teapot.


VIP Steven creating a mug.
Jane, Elaine and Anne
See Tai and Shu Hui  Rosie and Suhas Gopinath
Ankit, Swati, See Tai, Rosie, Agila and Alvin

Volunteers Jane and Anne with VIP Elaine.


VIP See Tai and Volunteer Shu Hui.
VIP Rosie with Suhas Gopinath, the world's youngest CEO from India.


Volunteers Ankit, Swati, Agila and Alvin with VIP See Tai and Rosie.
Teapot by Elaine
Clay mooncake by Rosie

We celebrated Mid-Autmn Festival on 3 Oct 2009 at Fusionopolis with some mooncakes. Rosie made a clay mooncake to mark this special Greener Earth occasion.

Elain and Ben started coiling their first teapots. Pte Ltd ( UEN 201020745G )
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