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"It's easy to live
the expected and conventional.
It's when you live the unexpected
that you start having fun with your life."

- Richard Bach

Clay IN-SIGHT magic

We cherish every moment of co-creation between the VIPs and the Angels in
this wonderful Clay IN-SIGHT journey of discovery and expansion.
We wish you would enjoy the photographs that attempt to
capture the spirit and inspiration of those moments...

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  - VivoCity 2009
  - Millenia Walk 2010
  - Marina Bay Sands 2010
12 Apr 2009: Preparatory Workshop for Volunteers at Clay-Street Pottery Studio - Teaching pottery to the Visually Impaired was an experiment that none of us knew any better. To prepare the volunteers, Alvin conducted a briefing cum hands-on practice for them on moulding with clay with eyes closed a day before at his Clay-Street Pottery Studio.
Prep training for volunteers
Happy volunteers
Pottery made very simple for the visually impaired
13 Apr 2009: Introduction to Clay - 30 VIs participated in this introductory workshop to experience clay moulding. Thanks to the 20 volunteers (Angels) who kindly came forward to make this experience possible and positive. We held the session at the sheltered workshop at SAVH. It was a free-play session that provided invaluable experience to shape the program.
Inaugural Clay IN-SIGHT session at SAVH
Co-creation by Volunteer and VI
Some raw outcome
18 May 2009: Clay Lesson #1 - In this first lesson, the VIs learnt how to create a cylindrical mug by coiling round a bottle. Every VI was accompanied and guided by an Angel. Everyone had plenty of fun. The Angels learnt how to work with the VIs.
Art volunteers
Angel Jane with VI Ting Yin
VI Kee Tong with volunteers
1 & 22 Jun 2009: NIE-Volunteers Special - This was a 2-part special clay program designed to allow a graduating class of 18 trainee-teachers from NIE to experience art co-creation volunteerism with the visually impaired. 10 independent VIs who heard about Clay IN-SIGHT got to enjoy their first lesson in clay art. We wish the new teachers would bring their spirit of volunteerism to their students as they begin their exciting teaching careers in the new school term.
NIE trainee-teachers with VIs
VI Daisy supported by volunteers
VI Ben helped by a volunteer
VI Steven with volunteers
VI Iskandar showing off his artwork
VI Arts
15 Jun 2009: Clay Lesson #2 - The VIs were extremely elated to receive the glazed and fired mugs that they created in their first lesson. In this lesson, the VIs enjoyed creating a clay bowl of their own by pressing balls of clay onto the inside of a newspaper lined bowl. Angel Flo baked delicious cakes and Angel Jyothy brought biscuits to share with everyone.
Clay in session
Bowl creation
Angel Flo in action
2 Jul 2009: Clay IN-SIGHT on TV - Suria Channel Producer Ms Hayati discovered our initiative through our website a week before and asked to feature our VI Clay Artists in JUS, an info-ed TV show on Suria Channel on 13 July 2009. We all had plenty of fun doing the filming at SAVH, supported by Angels Jane, Lian Hong, Swati and Theingi. No NG at all!
Suria TV crew filming VIs
Angel Jane and VI Jimmy

Clay IN-SIGHT was featured on JUS! TV Show on Suria Channel on 13 July 2009

Special thanks to:

  • Suria Channel, Mediacorps
  • SAVH: Mr Leow, Fauziah
  • VIP: Ben, Jimmy, Daisy, Steven
  • Angels: Theingi, Jane, Lian Hong, Swati
21 July 2009: Clay Lesson #3 - During this session, Alvin led an Inner-Visualization exercise to work towards the year end clay exhibition. Angels helped the VI-Potters (VIPs) to translate their inner vision onto paper as a blueprint for their clay artworks to be created over the next few months. The VIPs also enjoyed feeling their glazed and fired art pieces.
Visualisation by VIP Wendy and Angel Swati
VIP Daisy and her glazed artwork
VIP Jimmy's rickshaw
18 August 2009: Clay Lesson #4 - VIPs and Angels alike are excited and determined to realize our collective dream - the year end clay exhibition. We continued to build on the blueprints created at the last session. In this session, we created VIP name plates for use at the impending exhibition. Alvin taught everyone the paperclay dry-dry and dry-wet joining technique.
Angel TC Kok with VIP Ben
VIP Hung Kee Tong's nameplate
15 Sep 2009: Clay Lesson #5 - We were pleased that the collaborative creation was getting smoother by each session and that the momentum was high in producing more co-creations by the VIPs and Angels.
Angel Bernard with VIP James
Angel Jeremy with VIP Keng Chye
VIP See Tai with Angel Susan
23 Sep 2009: Clay IN-SIGHT @ NIE - The NIE teacher-trainee volunteers invited Ben and Daisy to participate in the NIE Service Learning Day Exhibition. Numerous Angels came by to help share our initiative with other teachers-to-be. The Guest-of-Honour and MP Penny Low came by and interacted with Ben and Daisy. She also kindly extended an invitation to us to participate in the Global Social Innovators Forum 2009 (1-3 Oct 09) to showcase the social cause of Clay IN-SIGHT.
Ms Penny Low heard about Clay IN-SIGHT from Angel Alvin
Ms Penny Low with VIP Ben
26 Sep 2009: Angels' Playtime @ Studio - Alvin invited the Angels to enjoy some fun and interaction at the Clay-Street Pottery Studio. Alvin introduced the basics of paperclay and everyone had a great time creating an individual art piece.
Angels at Clay-Street Studio
Angel Mei Lan
Angel Regina
1-3 Oct 2009: Clay IN-SIGHT @ Global Social Innovators Forum at the Fusionopolis - Thanks to Ms Penny Low, Founder & President of Social Innovation Park, who organized the GSIF '09, who offered us a space at the PaTH Market platform at the Fusionopolis atrium to showcase our cause and connect with many of the delegates as well as the office crowd there. It was here that Alvin gave birth to the DRINK TOWARDS A GREENER EARTH idea towards making Clay IN-SIGHT a revenue-oriented sustainable project. Thanks also to the many Angels who so readily offered their time and presence at the exhibition booth to communicate our idea to anyone who walked within hearing distance. Also, we appreciate the presence of VIPs Daisy, Jimmy, Ben, Elaine, See Tai and Rosie. We certainly got our idea across excitingly loud and clear to many there!
VIP See Tai and Rosie at Clay IN-SIGHT booth
Angel Alvin in action
Angel Bernard in action
Angels TC and Swati in action
VIPs See Tai and Rosie with Suhas Gopinath, the world's youngest CEO from India
20 Oct 2009: Clay Lesson #6 - This clay session was particularly productive. We were grateful to Ms Penny Low of Social Innovation Park to offer us a space for our impending clay exhibition on 5 & 6 Dec at the PaTH Market @ Vivocity. Everyone was excited as we gear up for the exhibition. We shall squeeze in a few more sessions over the coming 2 months.
VIP Tan Choon Chin
VIP Steven Yeo
VIP Chiang Wee Lip
5-6 Dec 2009: Clay IN-SIGHT Exhibition @ VivoCity Singapore - After many months of preparation, we finally realized the dream of holding a first-of-its-kind ceramic art exhibition that showcased co-creations by the VI-Potters and Angels. This exhibition was held on 5 & 6 Dec at the PaTH Market @ Vivocity with support from the Social Innovation Park.
19 Jan 2010: Clay Session #1 - As with last year, we kicked off the first clay session in 2010 with a Visioning exercise. Every VIP was supported by an Angel who helped to capture on paper the inner vision of the mugs he/she held in mind. These sets of blueprint will guide the co-creation process for the next few months. We aim to create sufficient mugs of interesting designs to launch the Drink Towards a Greener Earth project in April 2010.
Visioning within and without...
Blueprint for Greener Earth Mugs
Visioning exercise by VIP Ting Yin and Angel Theingi
6 Feb 2010: Clay Lesson #2 - This was the first hands-on co-creation session and numerous mugs were completed. The designs were getting bolder and many of the VIPs are beginning to experiment with new ideas. Angels were challenged technically too and some started to take up pottery lessons. We look forward to firing this first batch of mugs.
VIP Rosie with Angel Regina
Angel Joe helping VIP Carolyn
Mug co-creation in action
16 Mar 2010: Potting at Mandai Orchid Garden - This was our first outing and we spent a lovely morning co-creating handmade orchid series mugs at the Mandai Orchid Garden. Much appreciation to Mr Heah Hock Heng and Alice Mendosa of Mandai Orchid Garden for supporting Clay IN-SIGHT. The Angels helped the VIPs touch and feel the orchid with their hearts through their hands. Enjoy more photos at Alvin's FaceBook.
Excursion to Mandai Orchid Garden
Touching and feeling orchids
Angel Jenny helping VIP Wee Lip to feel the orchid
Angel Jane helping VIP Choon Chin to 'see' the orchid
Orchid crafting
VIP Keng Chye with Angel Susan
Mar-Apr 2010: Preparation for Exhibition - Everyone was busy during the pre-exhibition period. VIPs and Angels co-created over 150 mugs. Angels busy glazing away bisque fired mugs at the pottery studio. Teacher Chew busy firing away batch after batch of mugs. Poor kiln got very little rest and broke down a few times... Angels Jane collecting and painting wooden crates and boxes, Kim making eco-bags re-using newspaper, Varuna indexing all the mugs, Susan designing the banners, Alvin asking around for sponsors and funds... all hands on deck! It was a memorable and purposeful journey for all.
Mugs, more mugs!
Angels painting the display boxes
Angels making eco-bags
Angels LC and Kim glazing mugs at Clay-Street studio
Glazed mugs for firing
Angels Varuna and Jane indexing mugs for the exhibition
21-25 Apr 2010: Drink Towards a Greener Earth Exhibition at Millenia Walk Singapore - It was a most enjoyable and memorable exhibition involving all VIPs, Angels as well as SAVH staff. Thanks to MP Ms Denise Phua for gracing the opening ceremony as our guest-of-honor and thanks to all our sponsors and supporters. Thanks also to all kind hearted patrons of our Greener Earth Mugs. At 6.30pm on the last day of our exhibition, we celebrated with a yell as the mug orders shot pass our target of $10,000. We are so proud to have left a little impression in many at Millenia Walk. Hooray! Click for more...
Drink Towards a Greener Earth Exhibition
Greener Earth Mugs on display
Guest of Honor MP Denise Phua
Angel Alvin explaining the mug creation process
Supporters greeting VIPs Elaine and See Tai
Sold, sold, sold!
7 May 2010: Yoga for VIP - Miss Kanya Kanchana is a passionate yoga teacher who visited us at our Drink Towards a Greener Earth Exhibition at Millenia Walk. She was impressed with the zest for life in the VIPs and she decided to volunteer her yoga lesson for free to our VIPs. It was wonderful to see the VIPs enjoy this first yoga lesson, called Minds' Eye, by Kanya.
Yoga for VIPs
Happy VIP Carolyn
Yoga in session
8 May 2010: Mug Production Started - Today was the start of many mug production sessions to come to fulfill the orders we secured during the recent exhibition. We had the good fortune of having many new volunteers who joined us - from EPICS Society, Raleigh Society and The Youth Alliance of Ngee Ann Poly. The 'seasoned' Angels played a supervisory role to help the new Angels. It's great also to see that some VIPs are gradually gaining independence in the mug creation process.
Senior Angel Jane showing new Angel on mug making with VIP Cally
Cp-creating mug with VIP Soo Cheok
VIP Kee Tong with a new Angel
15 Jun 2010: More Mug Production - Repetition is the best way to learn and master any skill, and pottery skill is no exception. Angel Susan was instrumental in making the mug production more systematic and productive. She created some templates and handle moulds to aid the VIPs in the mug making process.
VIP Ben Wong becoming skilfully independent
Learning how to knead clay
Young Angels from Hwa Chong Institute
18 Jun 2010: Mug Glazing at Clay-Street Studio - With sufficient bisque fired mugs piled up, it's time for Angels to gather at the pottery studio to do glazing to add that dashing colours to the mugs.
Angels Susan and Gill glazing mugs
Angel Susan is skilled at glazing
Glazed mugs ready to be fired
20 Jul 2010: Fired Mugs for Delivery - As batches of mugs get produced, Angels Theingi and Kim started packing the orders for delivery. Meanwhile, the mug production by the VIPs continued under the guidance of Angels Jane, Susan, Anne, Swati, Flo, Madhuri, Gill, etc. The teamwork was simply wonderful.
More mugs
Mugs labelled and tracked for packing
18-20 Aug 2010: Clay IN-SIGHT Exhibition at the Singapore Gifts & Stationery Show @ Marina Bay Sands Expo Centre - We were once again thankful to Social Innovation Park for inviting us to be one of its 15 social enterprises to showcase our arts at this regional show. SIP co-founders Penny Low and Elim Chew visited us to lend us their support. During this 3-day exhibition, VIPs and Angels took turn to man the booth. We made many friends and useful connections. Click for more...
Angels Surabhi, Anne, Alvin and Madhuri setting up the exhibition
Penny Low and Angel Alvin
VIPs Daisy and James
Angel Alvin gave a talk on social business at the show
Support by Elim Chew of 77th Street
VIP Rosie chatting with guests
13 Sep 2010: BGC Charity Day - BGC is a multinational company located at Millenia Tower that got to know about our social project from our Drink Towards a Greener Earth Exhibition at Millenia Walk in Apr 2010. BGC kindly offered to adopt us as a beneficiary to its annual Charity Day during which it would donate a portion of the day's profit. As Clay IN-SIGHT was not a formal entity then, we recommended that SAVH be the beneficiary. We greatly appreciate BGC for its kindness.
SAVH and Clay IN-SIGHT at BGC Charity Day
BGC staff in trading action
Angels Alvin and Kim represented Clay IN-SIGHT
27 Sep 2010: Clay Session at the Winning Square @ SingPost - Thanks to the offer from the Singapore Turf Club, we brought the VIPs out for a clay session at its huge and modern off-course betting centre located at the SingPost Centre. Most of the VIPs and Angels experienced this premise for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed the warm friendship of the staff there.
Guided tour of the place by Jody
Interview and filming by the Turf Club Pte Ltd ( UEN 201020745G )
115A Commonwealth Drive #02-24 Singapore 149596

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