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Explore the Magic of PAPERCLAY with Australia's Paperclay Expert GRAHAM HAY
Interested in pushing the boundaries? Keen to create new possibilities with clay? Exasperated when you are inspired to build more onto your piece, only to find it has dried a little bit too much for a good joint? PAPERCLAY may be just the thing for you. PAPERCLAY is great for the classroom too.


Paperclay Talk-cum-Slide Show on Fri, 10 Sep 04 - an introduction and demonstration on the art of paperclay and its new and exciting creative possibilities.

One-Day Paperclay Workshop on either Sat, 11 or Sun, 12 Sep 04 for a rare opportunity to learn hands-on from an international paperclay expert. This workshop is suitable for people at all skill levels.



The talk and workshop are being presented by Graham Hay, Australia's pioneer paperclay expert and an excellent presenter.

Graham is a leading international pioneer in paperclay, having researched and taught paperclay techniques since 1993. He is an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher, and has conducted over a hundred paperclay workshops in Australia, Scotland, Wales, Lithuania and Hungary. His innovative works are featured in two paperclay textbooks (Gault's Paperclay (USA) and Lightwood's Paperclay and other clay additives (UK)) .



Paperclay is popular, because it increases the physical possibilities of any clay body. Because it transcends the limits of traditional clay practices, working with it is stimulating and invigorating. Unfortunately many people are incorrectly introduced to the material and so do not have these experiences.

Anne Lightwood, auther of the UK book on paperclay wrote:

"It is hard to imagine how Graham Hay could make his incredible pieces without paperclay, and the qualities of the material have influenced both his thinking an the way in which he works. …. It is hard to describe the work that he makes. It is totally original, fitting into no known category and not seeming to come from any recognizable ceramic tradition, but rather to derive from the way in which animal structures are built…. Always an innovator, he has developed unorthodox methods of creating the components that he wants for his pieces."

Limited Places !
- Fri 10 Sep 2004, 7pm
- Kg Glam Community Club
- S$10 per person
- An informative, practical introduction to making, creating and firing with paperclay. It'll be both a demonstration and a pratical hands-on introduction and investigation with paperclay. Radical techniques to be introduced: Dry-dry, dry-plastic and wet-dry joins, quick kiln firing, making paperclay-board, paperclay-string and paperclay-spaghetti. This workshop will be exciting and educational for the beginner and professional alike.
- Sat 11 Sep 2004 or Sun 12 Sep 2004, 9.30am to 5pm
- Ceramics Art Studio, Kg Glam Community Club
- S$150 per participant
(max class size: 24) Pte Ltd ( UEN 201020745G )
115A Commonwealth Drive #02-24 Singapore 149596

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