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As artists, we are overflowing with creative juice to experiment and innovate. We are always excited to try new things, collect new experiences, and grow so that we contribute towards making this world a better place.



Bridge of Harmony to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the People's Association Singapore at Chingay 2020
Aug 2019 - Jan 20202

Clay-Street co-founder Alvin Yong was appointed by the People's Association Singapore to be the Lead Artist to oversee the co-creation of 60,000 individal art tiles by residents across Singapore, and then to curate the art tiles, with fellow artists Chew Seow Phuang and Leong Huay Ling, to form the Bridge of Harmony on a float at Chingay 2020.

This is a 6-month long community art co-creation at national level.


2nd Pottery Tour to Western Australia
1-3 May 2016

This is the 2nd pottery tour to Western Australia organized by Clay-Street.

We had so much fun learning from paperclay expert Graham Hay, figurine sculpture with Frances Dennis, throwing and salt firing with Greg Crowe and raku firing with Stewart Scambler. We visited numerous art galleries and made many friends. Of course, we enjoyed touring Perth and especially the food!


The Flowering of a Child
with Child at Street 11
Art Exhibition at Vivocity
1-2 Jun 2013

This project was conceived by Alvin Yong of Clay-Street as a tramsformational learning journey for the preschool children of needy family background fromChild @ Street 11. It was an unusal experiential early childhood education in pottery. From Feb to Jun 2013, the children were experientially stimulated by experts in the fields of arts, nature, architecture, music and photography. Through the medium of clay, these children co-created a series of ceramic artworks. Clay-Street artists then curated the arts into a 2-day exhibition at Vivocity. Click to read project journal.

Clay-Street's Chew Seow Phuang
featured on Artisan Reboot
Channel News Asia
20 Apr 2013

Clay-Street's co-founder Chew Seow Phuang was featured on Channel News Asia. In this episode "Big Pots", Mr Chew was invited to study with a big pot master in Taiwan on his fast disappearing masterful skills of hand-coiling big pots. Mr Chew aspires to pass on this traditional technique to his students at Clay-Street pottery studio in Singapore.


Clay-Street featured on Style Check In
Channel U TV
6 Nov 2012 was featured on Channel U. The two delightful hosts Jeffrey Xu and Jayley Woo were guided by Clay-Street Co-Founder Chew Seow Phuang in hand moulding technique.

We are grateful to Channel U for the publicity.

SeeNoClay featured on Arts & Hearts Program
Channel 8 TV
6 Feb 2012

Project SeeNoClay is a social initiative by Clay-Street to support Visually Impaired Potters Ben Wong and Cally Teo to continue their clay art passion with volunteers' help. It was unfortunate that after SAVH demanded to take over Project Clay IN-SIGHT in 2010, it died.

This short film on Project SeeNoClay captured so well Ben's and Cally's passion, joy and determination in their journey of learning and art creation, working in tandem with Mr Chew and volunteers (called Angels).



Drink Towards a Greener Earth Exhibition
Millenia Walk Singapore
21-25 Apr 2010

This is yet another milestone for Clay IN-SIGHT, a voluntary project initiated by Alvin Yong with a vision to help the Visually Impaired generate a dignified income as artists.

This art exhibition was a showcase of ceramic mugs co-created by the Visually Impaired Potters and Angels (volunteers). We are grateful to the Millenia Walk Singapore for offering its atrium as the exhibition space. Over 4 days, we collected orders of over S$12,000 sale!


Clay-Insight featured on JUS! TV Show
Channel Suria TV
13 Jul 2009

Clay IN-SIGHT, the first social initiative by Clay-Street to support the Visually Impaired from SAVH.

Suria Channel Producer Ms Hayati discovered our initiative through our website a week before and asked to feature our VI Clay Artists in JUS, an info-ed TV show on Suria Channel on 13 July 2009. We all had plenty of fun doing the filming at SAVH, supported by Angels Jane, Lian Hong, Swati and Theingi. No NG at all!

Clay IN-SIGHT Exhibition
VivoCity Singapore
5-6 Dec 2009

Clay IN-SIGHT was a voluntary initiative founded by Alvin Yong in April 2009 to let the visually impaired learn pottery. The project led to a first-of-its-kind exhibition in Singapore that showcased ceramic arts co-created by a group of Visually Impaired Potters from the Singapore Association of Visually Handicapped (SAVH) and sighted volunteers known as Angels. It was truly a dream come true for everyone!

We are grateful to Ms Penny Low, founder of Social Innovation Park, for sponsoring the exhibition space.

Pit Firing Experiential Course
Tanjung Sutera Resort
Malaysia, 10-11 Apr 201

It was a fun weekend of adults playing with fire at a rustic resort by the South China Sea.

The participants learnt about pit firing in an experiential way. We built the brick kiln, prepared the pit, tended to the fire as a team. The delightful moment was at the unearthing process seeing our fired pots emerge!


Exploring the Thrown Surface by Greg Crowe in Singapore
24-30 Sep 2006

Clay-Street hosted Australian potter Greg Crowe in Singapore. Living in Perth, Greg is renowned for his salt-fired pottery.

Greg gave a lecture on salt and wood firing, and a hands-on workshop on throwing technique. Many pottery teachers and enthusiasts, including renowned local potter Iskandar Jalil, came together to learn and share experiences.


Magic of Paperclay II by Graham Hay in Singapore
10 & 11 Mar, 16 Apr 2006

Clay-Street hosted the return of renowned Paperclay artist, Graham Hay, for another hands-on learning workshop series in Singapore.

Paperclay has very interesting unique properties that allows dry-dry and wet-dry joining of parts. It is gaining popularity here.

Clay-Street is the first local studio to offer paperclay courses in Singapore.


Pottery Tour to Western Australia
7-20 Nov 2004

This was the first experiential learning tour that Clay-Street organized, and we headed to Western Australia.

We visited and learnt from numerous potters and artists in Western Australia - Graham Hay, Greg Crowe, Stewart Scambler, Angela Mellor, Cher Shackleton, Garry Zeck, Janet Watt and Frances Dennis.

We had fun touring Perth, Fremantle, the Pinnacle and hopping art galleries.


Magic of Paperclay by Graham Hay, Singapore
10-12 Sep 2004

Clay-Street hosted renowned Paperclay artist, Graham Hay from Perth, for a talk-cum-workshop series in Singapore for the first time.

Many pottery enthusiasts participated in the 2-day hands on workshops that marked the formal introduction of paperclay and Graham's unique techniques in Singapore.