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See-No-Clay is the nonprofit arm of, aiming to improve the lives of the Visually Impaired by allowing them to be financially self-sufficient through the sale of their artworks.
This is pursued through a collaboration between the Visually Impaired Potters (VIPs) and a team of passionate volunteers (Angels), where the Angels, through teaching and mentoring, assist and guide the VIPs to make their own works of art. This is thus a "co-creation", with the Angels using their eyes and the VIPs using their hearts and hands to make beautiful and intricate pieces of art.
These artworks can be individual stand-alone pieces, or a series of pieces, constituting a themed set. They are then marketed and sold and the profits are given to the VIPs. This model allows them to spend their time meaningfully, and not be dependent on payouts or charities.
Check out some of their artworks here [link to album] and do get in touch with us should you wish to commission their works. They are currently able to make kitchen dinner sets (plates/ bowls/ cups/ teapots), decorative containers (vases/ bottles/ jugs), and small aesthetic sculptures (often in themed sets).

Also read about our history and evolution from Clay IN-SIGHT to See-No-Clay here.
Do find out how you can contribute to this cause by getting involved here.
Currently, there are only two VIPs, Ben Wong and Cally Teo. Ben has been visually impaired for more than twenty years, and yet is optimistic and lively. Always excited to meet new people, Ben has a huge array of life experiences and stories to share, some so vivid one forgets that he is actually visually impaired. Ben also has a weakness for jokes, and loves to exchange humorous anecdotes and puzzles with others.
We have much to learn from the VIPs, from their optimistic outlooks in life to their perceptiveness of various issues. That they have not given up on life despite having such great life disadvantages is a great lesson for us all, showing us that while we cannot change the cards of life we are dealt, we can decide how to play our hand - and to play it to the best that we can.
As of now, they need your help as they do not have stable incomes. Know that when you commission their works, you are not providing them with your pity, but you are endorsing their strive towards self-sufficiency. The display of their artworks is symbolic and prototypal: supporting them while simultaneously reminding us that if somewhere out there is someone who cannot see, and yet is happy, how can we, who are so much more blessed and fortunate, be unhappy with our situation?


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