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There are a few ways you can get involved to contribute to this good cause:
1- Commission their Works
The Visually Impaired Potters (VIPs) are currently able to make kitchen dinner sets such as plates, bowls, cups, and teapots, decorative containers such as vases, bottles, and jugs, and small aesthetic sculptures suitable for home or office display.  
Do engage them for big projects such as in providing all the kitchenware for your newly conceptualized restaurant, or in providing all the aesthetic sculptures for your newly renovated office. If you are interested in such projects, or have some other ideas in mind, kindly contact us and we will be happy to discuss possible commission opportunities.
On the other hand, if you would just like to make a small purchase, either of themed sets for home decoration, or individual items as gifts to people, do contact us as well with your requests and we will gladly offer our input as to the feasibility of the conceived items, based on the skills of our potters.
2- Sell their Works
We display the artwork of Ben Wong and Cally Teo at the virtual gallery. Just click their names to appreciate their soulful arts.

If you have an upcoming fair, or a gathering where you know of people who might be interested in purchasing such artworks, you can help us to sell their works by collecting the items from us and then displaying in suitable locations. Unsold items will be returned to us and requests for additional items can also be made.
3- Be an Angel
If you are willing to commit your time and effort in getting to know our VIPs and then helping them with pottery, you can sign up to be an angel with us. The VIPs and Angels meet every Wednesday at 10.30am-1.00pm for a few hours at our pottery studio for a session of pottery and interaction through the mutual exchange of life stories.  


Keen to help? Just email us!


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