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T E A M  B U I L D I N G  C L A Y - where creative possibilities for bonding are simply endless!
Team Bonder Buffet
Stone Mosaic BOND
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Designed by artist-experiential architect-performance coach Alvin Yong, our team bonding programs combine the elements of fun, interactivity, and creativity to help colleagues work with and appreciate each other's expression, talents and contribution, and to accomplish tasks as ONE effective corporate team.

We play with clay in a manner that you absolutely need no prior pottery or artistic skills. You and your colleagues will work in teams, bang heads and join hands together to design and create functional arts based on pre-determined themes such as corporate vision and core values. The 'clay masterpieces' that you create will be used or showcased back at your workplace to anchor the positive bonding experience and team spirit with lasting impact.

Clay MUGS team bonding program


Mr. Holger Standerskjold-Nordenstam, Ambassador, Head of European Union Delegation to Singapore:

"I write to thank Clay-Street for an enjoyable afternoon of trying our hands at making something presentable out of clay. Most of us succeeded and the final results were impressive to say the least. What was also important for us was using your technique at improving in our communication skills and consolidating on our team work. I am sure you agree that this was well demonstrated in our presentations. We look forward to seeing the final products and show to our friends and colleagues our hidden talents! Once again, thank you for your time and patience with us."




Clay MUGS is an innovative and proven high impact team building program. You and your colleagues will work in teams and be guided to create a set of thematic mugs based on specific themes (e.g. corporate identity or values). You will be amazed by what can be accomplished when everyone comes together through a common (and fun) purpose. We encourage you to use the mugs in your office pantry to anchor the positive team bonding experience for a long time to come.

Regional team mugs from Catepillar

Team work over Clay MUGS
Dow Chemicals

A61 clay MUGS team
Architect 61

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Clay TILES allows you and your colleagues to create impressive installation arts for display at your workplace. Working in teams, you will be guided to design and create wall-mounted artworks made up of special clay tiles. Your teams will be facilitated to express your ideas and theme (e.g. corporate vision or values) in a bold and imaginative fashion. We'll provide artist refinement to enhance, glaze and fire your creation to ensure a professional finish to your artwork.

Clay TILES by Mendaki
Clay TILES by Health Sciences Authority
Health Sciences Authority Singapore
Clay TILES by StatsChipPac

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Clay LEGO allows you and your colleagues to create a build-up abstract clay sculpture, instead of a wall-mounted artwork as in Clay TILES. We provide you with a wide array of pre-created clay lego pieces in the form of rod, ring, slab, needle, little brick, etc. Working in teams, you brainstorm and create your team sculpture, adding the lego pieces in the creative process. You will be mesmerized by how the ‘masterpieces’ represent the collective imagination and intepretation of ideas and concepts by the team members. When they are used as display arts back in your office, the collective spirit and creativity of the teams will live on in your work environment.

Core value immoratlized
PSB Academy
Clay LEGO by Hua Chong Institute
Hua Chong Institute
Sulzer Clay Lego
Chevron Clay Lego Team

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Clay HANDS is a brand new team bonding program designed around the creative assembling of the hands of every member of the team. The hand offers an unlimited scope for expression - palm up or down, bending of the fingers, and the differnt ways of grasping, grabbing, holding, linking, overlapping of one another's hands all point to different emotion and communication of team spirit.

Friends & Co.
Clay HANDS by StatChipPac
Avita Team

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Clay CHARACTERS is another brand new team bonding program designed around the creative facial expression and body features of every team member. It's outrageously fun and engaging to reproduce a clay representation of your entire work team. Your eventual masterpiece will have a lasting impact when displayed back in your workplace.

Department personalities in clay!
Knowledge Platform
Clay CHARACTERS - We the teachers
Woodgrove Secondary School
Faces of the Shell team
Team creation by HSA
Health Sciences Authority Singaporer

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Stone Mosaic BOND

When a great number of colourful stone mosaic pieces get organized and come together as a beautiful whole, it is a wonderful metaphor to depict how individuals bond together to form a team or an organization. You may opt to work the mosaic art in small teams (2-3 pax) or create a mega combined-effort team art creation (>10 pax). The creative options are simply unlimited: create a huge company logo in stone mosaic for the conference room, create your vision for the new year in stone mosaic to anchor the spirit in the form of an art piece, etc.

Stone mosaic art by Unity Secondary School
Unity Secondary School
Mosaic Team Artwork by AXA
Ministry of Trade & Industry
Stone Mosaic by GMG
GMG Global Ltd
Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources

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Domino has never been this challenging and fun. Teams will work in concert to design and form the most intriguing domino designs with innovative special effects and outstretched network connections to form one massive organizational whole. The participants will discover team support, encouragement, persistence and creative fun together, and bring back team spirit to their workplace.

Teamwork with domino
Amazing Star Montessorie
Domino Connection
Singapore Poly
Teamwork with domino

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Team bonding with Clay-on-CanvasOng Peishi, Manager, Organisation Development, Ministry of Manpower:

"Thank you for the wonderful session conducted by you and your team for our division's anniversary on 31 Aug 2016! The clay making activity was really fun and it had been a great team bonding session for us! Not only did we manage to uncover the many 'hidden and creative talents' amongst us, we also got to know who our creative storytellers are! We could see the various teams beaming with pride as they presented their team's final artwork to the other teams. The best moment came when the teams gathered and pieced their respective artworks together - that was when we got to better appreciate how each of us played a role in the final masterpiece. A few days later when we saw our beautiful artworks installed back in our office, the feelings were indescribable! Equally impressed was your service rendered to us from the beginning till the end, making us feel like you are part of us. Thank you once again for making our anniversary this year a truly memorable one."

Team bonding with MosaicTerence Quek, CEO, Emergenetics International - Asia:

"Thank you for holding our annual retreat so we can reflect, show appreciation to each team member, and visualise - through the mosaic "painting" - how each of us will live out our team's purpose statement of "WE Value People". All of us had tremendous fun bonding over the mosaic art session. We're proud to set a record in completing the artwork - from visualisation, individual sharing, to drawing outlines, and finally to glueing and laying the mosaic pieces painstakingly - all in 1.5 hours! That's what we call taking a Whole Emergenetics approach or having a WEteam! Many thanks once again, and we must come back to get our hands dirty with clay some day soon! Best regards from all of us!"

Clay MUGS by NestleJulie Noan, Nestle R&D:

“Thank you so much for the support from you and your team. We had good and fun time together. I really appreciate that. We cannot wait to see all the pictures and cute mugs. Once thanks again. I also introduce your service to my friends who want to do clay mugs. :))”

Co-creation by regional heads from Deutsche BankRob Piazza, Head of Learning & Development, Japan of Deutsche Bank:

"The teambuilding session with the Clay-Street crew provided an excellent opportunity for our regional team to get to know each other at a level we never thought possible. The creation of our art was pure enjoyment, but it was team's creativity during the presentation portion that induced a spell of uncontrollable laughter from most of us! Two hours well spent with plenty of memories that will last a long time."

Teamwork expression by PSB staffDr Steve Lai, CEO, PSB Academy:

“The experiential Clay LEGO workshop was an excellent and refreshing idea in helping us achieve the aim of internalising our new set of core values and with a great impact at that. Besides providing the perfect opportunity for team bonding, it also enabled us to discover hidden talents and sides of colleagues which we did not know previously. It will certainly be something etched in our minds for a long time to come.”

Woodgrove Secondary School on Clay LEGO:

"The grey, dull-coloured clay by itself was unimpressive. However, under the groups’ brainstorming sessions and surfacing of untapped talents, each piece of clay was carefully molded into unique works of art. The final results were 11 inspiring, impressive and invaluable sculptors, each piece emitting the different facets of Woodgrove Secondary School. At the end, not only did we confirm that our staff were indeed artistically inclined, we were also reminded that our students are like clay in our hands. Their growth and development in WGS rests upon not one but upon the entire WGS family to nurture and mold them into unique adults that contribute to our Nation."

Precision mug creation by HP engineersHP Participants on Clay MUGS:

"This was the first time that no one actually took notice when tea break was ready!"

"This is great! I've never seen everyone so focussed before."

"'Working on clay' experience is great! I also enjoyed the teamwork to finalize the theme, method, color, etc, which required lots of communication!"


Team Bonding Enquiry: Miss Theingi Soe at (65) 98467585

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